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Women Leaders

Minding the Gap has been set up by Professor Lisa Anderson and Ros Faulkner with the aim of developing women leaders in organisations that are working towards equal representation of men and women at senior levels.   We provide a unique blend of coaching and action learning, based on research that has been carried out over a number of years to enable women to achieve their leadership potential. Our Minding the Gap programme promotes and develops key leadership qualities that are proven to increase women’s chances of reaching those often unattainable senior positions, these include:

​​           Increased confidence


           Measured risk-taking 


           Supportive networks


Our research, conducted through the University of Liverpool, led by Professor Anderson and supported by Ros Faulkner has involved a 6 month intervention in a major PLC where a group of women scientists and engineers have had the opportunity to engage in individual coaching and action learning sets. Through our follow-up interviews, we have been able to identify key elements that enable women to thrive at work and increasingly move into senior leadership roles.


The research highlights that whilst employers can make a huge difference by creating the right kind of enabling conditions, for example, family friendly initiatives and open recruitment policies, there is also a need for women to develop their own potential and prepare themselves for those senior leadership roles. This is where Minding the Gap comes into its own in providing the targeted support that will allow your business to achieve a gender balanced workforce and reach its ultimate goals.

Many organisations recognise they are missing out on vital talent with clear evidence that women add value in senior positions: there is a 19% premium for businesses with a female CEO and an 18% premium for companies with a diverse management team (CMI, 2018).


If you would like to do more to ensure that current and future women leaders in your organisation have the opportunity to fully develop their potential why not get in contact?

what people say


Ros has encouraged me to remember my strengths, celebrate my successes and believe in myself. Through working with Ros and with the help of her insightful questioning, for the first time in my career I have a career plan - already put to good use in successfully seeking out and then deciding between two promotional opportunities. Ros' enthusiasm, energy and commitment are infectious. Coaching is hard work at times, I never expected it to be fun as well - Ros makes sure it is.

Sandra Randall, United Utilities

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